Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Workable Software

Workable is affordable, useable hiring software. It replaces email and spreadsheets with an applicant tracking system that your team will enjoy using. From writing great job descriptions and building a branded careers page, to posting to multiple job boards, Workable makes it simple. You can browse rich profiles of candidates and work effectively with your hiring team on a platform that keeps your notes, communication, schedule and analytics in one place.

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Features Checklist Workable Software:

Assessments, Background Screening, Candidate Management, Collaboration Tools, Internal HR, Interview Management, Job Requisition & Posting, Jobs Board Integration, Recruiting Firms, Reference Checking, Resume Parsing, Resume Search, Self Service Portal, Social Media Integration

Some Reviews Workable Software:

Great ATS
Brent Durling
System Administrator, Comer Distributing Company
I looked at nearly twenty systems to help us move away from paper job applications to online applications and applicant tracking. Workable stood out in the crowd. The interface is clean and straightforward, yet still very powerful. Our hiring manager jumped right in and started tagging, sorting, and emailing candidates with little assistance or training. It has all the functionality you'd expect out of an ATS and everything works as intended. The pricing is also the fairest I could find.

Make things faster then ever
Tales Buonarotti
Marketing Analyts, iClinic
Best pros are that it makes your life easier and faster - very faster.

We are working with a 3rd party HR company and we are making things very quickly.

The only cons we have noticed is that as we have tons of applications, would be nice to have some automatic disqualifying questions - not just those with Yes or No but also those with multiple choice. Also if we have something like Lead Scoring for the candidate using the application form would be terrific :)

Makes hiring quicker and easier
Patricia Forment
I really like the Workable product because it is easy to use, is cloud-based, and helps us to push out postings to various sites. The templates to keep in contact with the applicants are great. You can use already created ones or customize them for your company's procedure.

We truly have not had any issues thus far.

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